Ted M. Sirjesse | President

Ted Sirjesse, President of Ted M Sirjesse Construction Inc, has been in the construction Industry for the past 35 years. During that time he has worked on a vast array of projects spanning the gambit of complexity from minor remodels to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. He has spent the last fifteen plus years working as both a Construction Superintendent and Project Manager.

Ted’s management style is one of close hands-on awareness of the project and its needs, while empowering his staff and subcontractors to create a company that truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ted has acquired a General Engineering, General Building, and Electrical Contractor Licenses in California.

John Anderson | Environmental Specialist

John’s extensive qualifications consist of experience in property and project assessment; environmental impact reports and analysis; occupational health and safety; planning and zoning regulations; pollution control; soil assessment and testing; laboratory management; general engineering principles; water and sewage system design and regulation; title, deed and right-of-way checks; water rights; and presentation of various technical and environmentally related training programs.

John is a California Registered Environmental Health Specialist.

Kara Liller | Office Manager

Kara Liller has been on staff as the Office Manager at TMSC for almost five years. She is meticulous, brilliant, and a vital employee, keeping the entire office on track in order to free up the owner’s time.